Buddy Returns to Mylestone - Needs Your Help

Our goal has always been to place the horses in good homes but sometimes, even with the best intentions, that doesn’t always work out. Buddy was adopted out about 4 years ago and he thrived in his new home. His then-adopter had found him a new home with one of her students who was learning to ride. While everything checked out in this new home, in the past few months financial issues came in to play and we had to take Buddy back in late August 2013.

Unfortunately, Buddy did not return in good condition. He is thin and needs to gain about 100-150 lbs. Someone not experienced with farrier care tried to trim his hooves and did a terrible job. Buddy came back with a large, open, draining abscess. He had bad thrush in his heal bulb and very sore hooves from too much sole being trimmed off. He also needed dental care which our vet took care of. The hooks in his back teeth were long and caused ulcers on the sides of his mouth.

Buddy was rather dull when he arrived, but is now doing much better. His hooves don’t hurt as much and we currently have him in Boa Boots. He is so much brighter now and calls to the other horses. We changed his feed to Triple Crown Senior and he is eating really well. He is very friendly and enjoys attention. Buddy is 30 years old and we are not sure trying to adopt him out again is fair to him, so we have added him as a Sanctuary Horse.

Buddy really needs people willing to sponsor him and help out with his care. Can you help Buddy? You can sponsor him here or donate to his care. Thank you.

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