In Memory of Josie

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Josie last week. She was a sweet old mare in her late 20’s/early 30’s we rescued from going to a horrible fate. We have kept her comfortable over the years, treating her advancing arthritis. Josie was absolutely devoted to Cloudy despite the fact that he wasn’t very nice to her. Theirs wasn’t the healthiest of relationships but she had not done well when we tried her with other horses. She would get stressed because all she wanted was Cloudy.

We recently saw a decline in Josie and she wasn’t able to keep up with his antics. She had gone down in her shed and was unable to get up without help because Cloudy was picking on her. Once we’d gotten her up, we discovered her rear leg was injured and she was in pain. This, her longterm arthritis and being unable to protect herself from the horse she adored brought us to the only fair decision we could make for her. It deeply saddened us, especially as Josie was a favorite among the volunteers, but it was the right choice for Josie.

You may remember, a number of years ago, that Josie was a wonderful friend to Clyde, an older gelding we rescued from the auction. Their adoration was mutual, and now Clyde has his beloved Josie joining him in more distant pastures.

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