Mylestone Bids A Sad Farewell to Simon

Suankelly Thompson

Simon was a very special soul. He had a tortured past and I had known him for many years. I bought him to save him from going to the auction when the riding facility where he was kept was closing. He was privately owned originally, ridden by a young girl and was very good with her.

He could however be very difficult to handle on the ground. He was afraid to be caught out in the field and was terrified of men. When his owners no longer wanted him I begged the women running the barn to try him for lessons. He worked out for them until they ended their business. I felt such a strong connection to Simon I brought him to the farm about six and a half years ago. It took him a long time to feel safe. I was the only one who could catch him to bring him in. Over the years he learned to trust more people; my husband Bruce was probably the first man he accepted was not going to hurt him.

In the past year, Simon developed lymphoma, and there were times he would be in a lot of pain and need pain medication. Along with our vets we had made the decision that if he had three bouts of serious pain in a week, we would put him down. One shot of pain medication did the trick and within 20 minutes he was alright. But we knew the tumors were growing in his intestines.

Simon was a joy to watch out in the field with his buddies. He loved his life. He had no lameness issues as do so many horses here. With his tail held high in the air, he galloped around the field in sheer delight. I loved to watch him; he was so happy. Then the day came when he was sick for the third day in a week and he made our decision for us. Simon had been in pain the last day and the pain meds were no longer working. Yet, once I made the call to the vet to come put him down, he was content. It was though he was waiting for me to make the decision and was ready to leave.

He grazed on our lawn and ate treats, which he hadn’t done earlier that day. He is not an affectionate horse, but he let our son, Samuel, hug him good bye and others pet him. He left us peacefully. We take comfort in knowing we set him free from his tortured past and we gave him the gift of peace.

You can read more about Simon where he has joined others from Mylestone in Greener Pastures.













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