Donny - Starved and Abandoned

Donny was abandoned by his owners on their foreclosed property for an undetermined amount of time in NJ. A realtor found him. The vet doesnít know how he survived. He was found in tall weeds and brush up to his belly. Old buckets on the fence collected rain water. He is older and his teeth arenít good so he wasnít able to get proper nutrition and graze well on what was available. Donny needs to gain over 250 lbs.

The realtorís son took Donny to a friendís stable to try and care for him. But he hadnít owned a horse before and didnít have experience rehabbing a starvation case. We are happy that he contacted Mylestone for help. We couldn't say no to this older, starving fella and moved horses around here to make room for him.

Donny needs to gain about 250 pounds.

Donny is about 15.1 hands and between 20-25 years old. He seems to be very good to work around and easy to handle. He is able to eat some hay and we are feeding him small meals every few hours. He was so surprised to see me come out in the middle of the night to feed him a warm mash. He is so grateful every time food comes.

Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski from Califon Animal Hospital evaluated Donny. He has a grade 5 heart murmur, but we are hoping once he gains weight and starts to recover his murmur wonít be as bad. It is fairly common in the older starvation cases to have heart murmurs. Donny has also had some loose manure, so we also had her take a fecal sample to determine if he has any parasites. After the vet left, we bathed his hind end in warm water and slathered Desitin on him to prevent him from getting any irritation and started him on probiotics. We also had the vet draw blood tests for a CBC and a chemistry screen.

In just a short time, small meals and loving attention have resulted in Donny becoming brighter and happier.

He hasnít been here 48 hours, but he whinnies to us now when he sees us. He is definitely getting a bit spunkier in just this short time, so the small meals are already making a difference. We are hopeful that in time, as he recovers, we can use him with the special needs students that come to the farm to brush some of the horses.

We need sponsors and donations for Donny's care. It will take 8-12 months for him to recover from starvation. Our grain prices have recently increased $3 a bag, so your support is vital to helping us with horses like Donny who require so much care.

Please sponsor Donny or make a donation to his care. We suspect this is the first time in a long time that he will be giving thanks for his good fortune, and he'll have you to thank for your helping him through Mylestone.

Note: Donny passed away in December 2016. Read his memorial.












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