Hurricane Sandy at Mylestone

UPDATE: Nov. 2, 6:00 p.m. - Mylestone's internet is now restored, but they still have no phone service.

Update - Phone Service has since been restored.

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Hurricane Sandy has left very few in northwestern New Jersey unscathed, and Mylestone has experienced the results of her damaging winds. First, know that that all the rescue horses are safe and unharmed as are the Thompsons. Their power was restored around 8:30 p.m. November 1, but they still have no internet.

Quincy enjoying a sunny fall day, taken late October and before Hurricane Sandy hit.

Several large trees on the farm came down. One fell into and across Piper's area, crushing the fence, but thankfully missed Piper, Mini Pearl and Poppy. There is crushed fencing in more than one area that will need to be replaced.

The Thompsons had been using a generator intermittently which ran the well and insured that the horses always had fresh water. It also provided occasional basic services for the family. The horses' food supply is currently adequate. A problem in this area is an increasing difficulty in getting gasoline to run generators as well as vehicles and lines as long as 3 hours are becoming common with gas stations now running out.

Please do not contact Mylestone through this web site as they currently have no internet capability and are unable to respond. We will advise you on the site and on Facebook once internet capability is restored to Mylestone.

Thank you for your concern for the horses and for Susankelly and her family. We will update you as soon as there are any major changes.

If you would like to contribute to needed farm repairs resulting from Hurricane Sandy's damages and towards upcoming food purchases for the horses, it is greatly appreciated. You can donate here. Thanks for your kind support.












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