Grey Skies Clearing for Sunny

Being a show horse is no guarantee of a wonderful retirement. And a lesson horse may earn even less.

For Sunny, a handsome Palomino gelding, his career as a show and lesson horse for years in PA earned him a trip to a hack stable, where he was beaten up by the other horses, unable to compete to even get enough food. As he became increasingly thinner, receiving less and less care, there appeared one bright spot in Sunny’s life – someone saw what was happening and rescued him from his downhill slide.

This individual gave Sunny to a friend of Mylestone – the plan was that she would contribute to his care and he would be placed. Sunny, although over 25 years old, has a lot going for him besides his good looks – he is a very kind horse and shows his sweet disposition easily with other horses and with people. Certainly someone would want this lovely boy.

Then Sunny developed Cushings disease on top of the existing arthritis in his knees, both costly to treat. His caretaker would not be able to afford his veterinary expenses and asked Mylestone to please take him in. We couldn’t say no to such a wonderful horse, and we think that with his gentle nature he will be wonderful with the special needs kids that come to the farm.

We are now in the process of addressing his Cushings and arthritis. If we can manage it successfully, it’s possible that Sunny might be available for adoption in the future. For now, he will remain a sanctuary horse. We watch him easily make friends with other horses over the fence, and gently accept affection from all who meet him.

Sunny is truly a love – and deserved better than a hack stable and neglect. We hope to continue making it up to him, as did his first rescuers. And we hope you will help us in that by being his sponsor.

Note: Sunny left us in March 2010, and is now in Greener Pastures.













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