Jackson, Blind, Safe at Mylestone

Jackson came to us a couple of months ago. He was part of a larger cruelty case in which several horses were starved. Jackson is a very sweet 8-10 year old paint gelding who is blind. He never received the proper medical care for uveitis and he lost his vision in his left eye. He has a large cataract in his right eye. However, he is one of the most well adjusted blind horses we have had. We believe he sees light from one eye.

We have very little history on Jackson. He was not as starved as the other horses; he only needed to gain about 75-100 pounds. He looks really good now and enjoys being brushed. We are hoping to use him in our grooming program with the special needs students that come to the farm.

Jackson is very vocal, especially around feeding time. We had hoped to get Jackson out into a larger area, but his blindness was much more apparent there as he was bumping into the wooden fence posts. Where he lives now is just metal round pen fencing with no posts and he gets around very well. When you call him, he comes cantering to you. He is really a sweet horse! Please consider sponsoring Jackson or making a donation toward his care.












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