Dune Leaves for Greener Pastures

Sadly, we had to have Sand Dune humanely euthanized. She starting exhibiting neurological signs and went off her grain. Her blood work determined she was in liver failure. Dune was well into her 30’s. We rescued her over 17 years ago from going to slaughter; she was adopted out for two of those years. She came back to us due to lameness issues.

Dune has been through a host of medical problems and rallied again and again. We have spent countless hours nursing her back to health over the years. Cleo seemed to know her dear friend Dune wasn’t right because she was frequently smelling and nuzzling her.

It was very difficult to say good bye to Dune after all these years, I loved her, we all loved her. So long, sweet Dune - you will always be remembered.

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