Mini Pearl and Poppy - Rescued Mini and Friend

Living in a small bedroom in a small home facing foreclosure was a miniature horse and her best friend, a goat. They were in increasingly urgent need of help and Mylestone was contacted.

The owner was not a horse person but came across Mini Pearl at a local auction about 2 years ago. Worried about what would happen to Pearl, the woman purchased her. Pearl was about a year old at the time. A few days later she purchased Poppy the goat to keep Pearl company and the two lived in the basement. When the basement flooded, Pearl and Poppy were moved upstairs into the woman’s bedroom.

She cared for them the best she could, but knew the situation was not ideal. She didn’t know they needed proper hoof care. Mini Pearl and Poppy lived in this small bedroom for quite a while. The floor was rotting and they had eaten the sheetrock walls. They had not been outside for about two years.

Mini Pearl will now be getting proper farrier care for her neglected hooves, right.

It was arranged that Dr. Wilson, her assistant, and Susankelly meet with the owner to pull a coggins test and evaluate Mini Pearl. While Pearl and Poppy had received basic care the living conditions were less than desirable for a horse and a goat. It was decided that Mylestone would take Mini Pearl and Poppy at the farm. Bruce Thompson, with the help of Samuel Thompson and Ray Zrybko, built a beautiful new shed and fenced in an area for the pair. A young woman involved with the case then trailered the twosome to the farm.

Mini Pearl and Poppy both love being outside, but the greatest adjustment will be for Pearl. She has not been properly socialized and will bite. Pearl is also not used to wearing a halter or being led, so Susankelly is working with her several times a day. Our vet has taken X-rays to determine the extent of damage from the deformed hoof, and our farriers will now work with the vet in slowly trimming Pearl’s hooves. Mini Pearl also has deformities to her joints in her hind legs. We will eventually X-ray her hind legs to determine the extent of her issues.

Two best buddies, inseparable, and happy for their new life.

For now Pearl and Poppy are enjoying the sunshine and being near the other horses. Although there are new hurdles to overcome for both, particularly Pearl, it’s a brand new day, a brand new life, for Mini Pearl and Poppy. Please welcome our latest rescues and consider a donation towards their care. If you would like to become a sponsor, your sponsorship will include both Pearl and Poppy!












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