Welcome the Big Kahuna!

The Big Kahuna is a 16 hand Belgian gelding deemed to be “ancient” when determining an age. His owner fell on hard times and was unable to properly care for him. His hooves were terribly neglected and he has been limping on his left front hoof. It was determined by the farrier that both bars folded over the frog of his hoof from not being trimmed in so long which is very painful. Kahuna is thin and needs to gain between 250 - 350 lbs. Where he was before we took him in, he was not getting a consistent diet. They fed whatever grain they had; mare and foal feed is certainly not suitable for an older horse.

Kahuna's teeth are in bad shape and he needs dental work. He is currently in quarantine at a foster farm. Kahuna seems to enjoy attention and is currently getting some work on his ground manners. It is very tragic that he, like so many others, suffered in silence when their owners experinced financial hardship. Please consider a donation towards Kahuna’s care. It would be a big help -- he's a big boy! - while we wait for him to come to the farm.