Meet Maggie, Our Newest Rescue

Maggie is a mare we rescued from an auction last year. She has been in foster care in South Jersey until just recently when she moved up to our town. She is currently staying with a local foster. We feel very strongly that she is the daughter of Margrit, the beloved Appaloosa mare we rescued several years ago. Margrit had spent years tied to a tree as a broodmare. Once her foals were weaned they were tied to trees next to her. Then they were sold off. Margrit had 18 foals and we believe Maggie was one of them. Our foster in South Jersey also helped with Margrit’s rescue and has one of Margrit’s offspring. There are striking similarities. We are very appreciative to Patty for taking care of Maggie for the last year.

We believe Maggie is about 20 years old. She is 15+ hands. Our vet evaluated her recently and she does have some lameness up front and behind. These are not serious lameness issues but Maggie would be best suited as a companion. We do not know the last time she was ridden. Maggie enjoys being brushed. She is slowly settling into her new foster home with Laurel. Maggie is out in a large pasture and is getting to know the other horses on the farm. We will continue with more photos and updates soon.

We need your help in caring for Maggie. Won't you please sponsor Maggie or help her through a donation? Thank you,












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