Beau ... He Touched Our Hearts

We had begun writing this article as a wonderful update on Beau's amazing progress with us so far. Sadly, at the time we were done the article, we had to add a very sad postscript ... Beau had taken a sharp turn for the worse and had to be humanely euthanized. We will all miss this older fella who came so far, but we're sure he would have liked you to know how wonderful his life had become, so please read on ...

Beau was a shadow of his once former self when he came to Mylestone. His owners had been trapped in a cycle of denial, unable to admit that their horse was slowly starving to death. When Beau came to Mylestone he was estimated to be about 250 pounds underweight. Our dentist also determined that he was approximately 35 years old.

Beau when he arrived.

Since his arrival in September, 2011, Beau has made wonderful progress with us. He has put on almost 200 lbs now. We knew when we took on rehabilitating Beau that we faced many challenges. He was far older than what we were told. He came to Mylestone with a serious heart murmur and a history of founder. We had to be extremely careful when refeeding him to make sure he did not get too much sugar and carbs. This task was complicated by the fact that Beau’s teeth were so bad he couldn’t chew hay.

Beau in his thick winter coat and feeling his oats!

We have based his diet on soaked hay cubes and hay replacement pellets soaked along with a small amount of senior feed. Up until recently he has done really well, but during the drastic weather changes, he developed laminitis again. We have him on pain medication and our farrier, Gil, put special front shoes on him to relieve pressure on the bottom of his hooves as he walked. Beau also had Cushing’s disease which is a common ailment in older horses.

We monitor Beau frequently throughout the day and night and the vet sees him a couple of times a week, but his condition remains very guarded. At Mylestone, he has recovered a great deal of the health he had lost, and is doted on affectionately by all the volunteers. Thanks to all those who have helped and shared in Beau’s progress.

Beau in January 2012, (right)

In late March, Beau took a sharp turn for the worse; his laminitis now affected all four hooves and he went off his feed. Despite various medications and pain relief, we could no longer keep Beau comfortable, and the vet decided it was time to humanely euthanize him. We are deeply saddened to lose Beau, but are grateful to have given him the improved quality of life he enjoyed during his time with us. So long, Beau.

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