How Piper Has Grown!

Piper is hardly recognizable as the same horse that came to Mylestone in August of 2011. This sweet, 10 year old Paso Fino needed to gain 300 pounds. Unable to even lift her head, she looked as miserable as she felt. We are happy to report that since that time she has filled out beautifully and has gained over 250 lbs. so far. (See photo above.)

Piper is lame in her right stifle so she is not sound for riding. When she first came she was not good for the farrier, but over time, she has improved greatly and is now easy to work with.

Placing Piper with the right horse(s) has been a bit of a challenge. She was a bit too bossy for some of our older geldings, but in trying her out with Adelaide, we found Adelaide to be aggressive towards Piper. For now, we have no choice but to move her back to her smaller paddock, and are hoping to enlarge her area over the next couple of months.

Piper shortly after she arrived.

She is currently next to Apache, Patty and Lucy. Apache likes Piper, but Patty and Lucy do not. They make every effort to keep Apache from visiting with Piper. So as of right now, we don’t have a horse for her to go out with. We would really love to find Piper a new home. She enjoys attention and would love a big paddock to roam in with a companion. She is very friendly and too young to stay a rescue horse.

Our thanks to you for helping make this wonderful transformation possible. You can help Piper by sponsoring her or by donating to her care. For additional photos and background, visit Piper here.












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