Doodle Is Adopted!

It doesn't get any better than this! What could bring us all greater joy than a longtime resident, whose age is over 30, finding his forever home at last? And the really exciting part of this is ... his forever home is right here!

Devoted Mylestone volunteer Megan Metzelaar has had a soft spot for Doodle for quite some time. A very soft spot. So much so, that she wanted to adopt him. Doodle was adopted out twice before, but he returned; he simply did not adjust well to being off the farm. And although this is not something we typically do, it's in Doodle’s best interest at his age to stay here and to not have his routine changed. So each day he is turned out with his best buddies and he knows how his day will go, as do all the volunteers at the farm. He's safe, sound, and now "officially" loved.

In adopting him, Megan has taken over all of Doodle’s expenses. She sees Doodle daily and showers him with love and affection, which he returns. We are all thrilled for both Doodle and Megan, and appreciative of Megan's devotion.

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