CBS News Films Segment at Mylestone

Mylestone was contacted by a producer from CBS News on how horses were being affected by the economy, and made an appointment to come out to interview us.

Take a look at the video here.

Photo Courtesy CBS

Beau eating his soft food, while Susankelly explains his circumstances.

Veteran reporter Manuel Gallegus and his cameraman arrived at the farm on 11/16 to film for the story. They were here for over 4 hours filming under cloudy skies, then in the rain. They got a first hand look at how the horses are cared for by volunteers regardless of weather. In the interview, Susankelly explained how horse owners had limited options compared to those with dogs or cats, who can be dropped off at a shelter, not the case for horses. It was a tremendous opportunity for CBS to educate their viewing public about the long term commitment horse ownership entails as well as what is involved when trying to re-home your horse. It also gave us a chance to explain that, like many rescue groups around the country, Mylestone relies entirely on public donations to be able to care for horses in need, not government or local funding.

As Dr. Christina Wilson, who normally provides direct care for all the rescue horses, was on maternity leave, Dr. Hamorski filled in for her. Dr. Hamorski has been with Mylestone since its inception in 1994 and was also interviewed. Recently, many of the starvation cases we have taken in have been due to owners waiting too long to get help. Dr. Hamorski spoke about what happens when horses are starving and what we have to do to slowly bring them back.

Once it started raining, we moved to filming in the barn. Manuel and his cameraman really enjoyed meeting the horses. They were very interested in bringing public awareness to the plight of struggling horse owners and the horses that need help. It was a great opportunity to discuss the many factors involved in owning and placing horses in a very difficult economy. We were honored to have been chosen by CBS News for this story, and hope you'll take a look at the CBS video.

Take a look at the video here.














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