Beau - Saved from Starvation

Beauís story is tragically becoming more and more common. His owners lost their jobs and couldnít afford to feed him. They became trapped in a cycle of denial. At some point his owners reached out for help to a rescue in South Jersey. The rescue was unable to take Beau but contacted Mylestone for help.

Beauís owners were rationing his food to the point he was slowly starving to death, this had been going on since last winter. Beauís teeth were so bad he was unable to eat hay or grass. He needed a senior type feed in order to survive. A local volunteer started purchasing grain for Beau until the vet cleared him for travel. Beau was trailered to the farm in the summer.

The vet estimated him to be 250+ pounds underweight. We slowly started Beau on small amounts of food 6 times a day. Our biggest surprise came when horse dentist Bill Schultz looked at Beauís teeth and determined him not to be 25, but closer to 35 years old.

Beau is now up to nine meals a day starting at 5:45 am and ending at midnight. We have added soaked hay cubes to his diet which he really enjoys. Beau is a real survivor to have endured the suffering of being starved for so long. He has gained close to 50 pounds so far, and is now bright and spunky. Beau enjoys life and looks forward to every meal!

Below you can see how much better he looks after just 4 weeks and 100 pounds.

Beau would love your support. You can either donate directly to his care or you can sponsor him - either way he will be very grateful that you care.

See additional photos of Beau on his profile page.

UPDATE: December 6, 2011

Beau continues to make great progress. Here he is in his winter coat. Although he still has a way to go, he's gained 90 pounds so far. He's found a new energy and is actually becoming a bit of a handful.
For 35 years old and coming in in his condition, a handful is still a good thing.















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