Piper - Sweet, Starved Paso Fino Mare

Piper arrived to us late one evening. She was a victim through no fault of her own, but because her owner became ill and was unable to pay her board. As a result, the barn owner starved her. When the authorities became involved, the barn owner was forced to provide for her food, but she needed so much more care. She was one of the thinnest horses they had come across in years. Her hip bones were almost protruding through her skin, she was so starved.

Piper is a Paso Fino mare that came from the local auction about two years ago. She is 10 years old. She needed to gain over 300 pounds. She has been in our care for about 5 weeks now. Her improvement has been astounding. It really goes to show how little she was being fed because in the short time we have had Piper she has gained over 100 pounds already.

She was being fed 6 meals a day to start. Now she is gaining fast enough we have cut her back to 4 meals a day. She is also able to go out on grass pasture now. She whinnies to everyone. She is so excited to have food, but she doesn’t seem to realize the meals will continue to come. Once she finishes one meal she is already thinking about the next one.

Piper seems very good to work around. We were told she might kick while eating but we have not seen that behavior. She is bright and full of life and loves attention. She needs to build back muscle tone along her back and hind quarters. We are hoping in time she may be ridable, and therefore, that we may find her a home when she's ready. She has so much to offer. We hope shortly to be able to introduce her out into a herd so she can begin to make new friends.

Please contribute to Piper's continued recovery - she has 200 pounds to go!

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