Mylestone Mourns the Loss of Ethan

It is with such sadness we share with you the passing of Ethan. Ethan developed laminitis and rotated about 6 weeks ago, (early August 2011.) He was slowly making progress in recovery from the bout of laminitis but after the storm he seemed to really have trouble. He suffers from Cushing’s disease and, unfortunately, founder can be a side affect of Cushing’s. Ethan had trouble regulating his body temperature and had trouble during the heat. After the storm he had difficulty breathing and we were unable to determine the cause, but the vet felt we had done everything we could and we had him humanely put down.

He was put to sleep on Monday morning. It was a beautiful cool day and we took him and Adelaide up into the top of a paddock and let them graze. Adelaide was slightly sedated as we did not know what her reaction would be to his passing. Ethan left us with Adelaide near by. Adelaide sniffed him and seemed to accept his death.

Rather than put her into her old stall next to Ethan’s empty one, we felt it would be best to actually put her in Ethan’s stall. She could still smell Ethan. She seems to be content to be next to Chips. We are amazed that she has adjusted so well considering how obsessed she was with Ethan.

Ethan with Adelaide at Open House 2010

Losing Ethan has been a hard blow. We have lost 4 horses dear to us this year. It never gets easier. Our older population has had a wide variety of health problems this year and while it is hard to let go, we know we have helped to give them a wonderful retirement in their golden years.

Thank you to all those who spent countless hours in the past month showering Ethan with love and attention. He truly thrived on it and we know he left us very loved.

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