Gem - He'll Always Shine in Our Hearts

It's never easy to consider a last goodbye to one of our horses, but our vets felt it was time to put Gem down. He suffered a stroke about 8 weeks ago, and we started him on steroids to see if we could improve his condition. He did seem to rally for a few weeks and returned to his more normal self. He was eating again, and was not as neurological. He was happy going outside to see Holly. He had become very attached to Holly in the last year or so.

Gem was a favorite of 2 of the special needs students from Midland school. They loved to brush him and enjoyed bringing Gem in for lunch. Gem touched many people here.

At right, Gem with Julia who just adored him.

It has been very difficult watching him decline in the past week or so. He was having trouble eating, had weakness behind, and seemed depressed. We knew it was time to let him go. Gem was in his late 20’s. We had given him a wonderful retirement, and even though he was no longer able to be ridden, he enjoyed the attention from the special needs students and volunteers.

Gem with one of his buddies, Emmitt

He was a very special boy, and though no longer gracing our fields, he will always shine on in our hearts here at Mylestone. So long, Gem.

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