Cleo One of Beneficiaries of Yoga Event

Come participate in a special one day yoga event, or come to any class in June at Juluka Yoga in Hillsdale, NJ, and help benefit Cleo, once a test mare, as well as other animals who have suffered from being research subjects.

The yoga event and classes are sponsored by peace4paws, whose mission is to raise awareness for the necessity of permanent sanctuary and forever homes for the animals of research and related fields through fundraising, student outreach and related activities. To this end, they are holding a special yoga event on June 18th at 5 p.m. - no yoga experience is necessary, but space is limited. To reserve a spot, please call (201) 638-6828.

All month long in June, community yoga classes will benefit our own Cleo and The Kindness Ranch. For additional information and/or a schedule, please check Juluka Yoga's web site or contact them via e-mail.

peace4paws has given Cleo her own special page, which educates visitors about Cleo and Mylestone, and C.E.M. and the research procedures and treatment Cleo endured while a test mare.