Margrit on the Road to Recovery

Margrit feeling better every dayMargrit has settled into the barn now and is enjoying being turned out in a field of grass. Margrit will need a great deal of rehab, and we discovered she is absolutely terrified of the farrier. I have never had a horse so scared of someone as she was of him. He hadnít even touched her and she was spinning in fear. It is truly tragic, and I canít imagine what was done to her to have her be so afraid. She is so easy to work with overall that this reaction was a shock to us. My 10 year old son leads her outside and she is fine. We have a lot of damage to undo in regard to getting her hooves trimmed. Chris, one of our farriers, worked with her and was so patient. She eventually allowed him to trim her front hooves, but we canít get near her hind legs at this point. She seems to generally be afraid of tall men because she reacted to my friendís husband as well.

Margrit has made one very close friend now who adores her ... Indy. In all the years we have had Indy he has never been attached to another horse as he is now to Margrit. They call back and forth to each other and are now stalled next to each other. Margrit is slowly putting on weight and we have increased the number of meals she is getting. She will need time and patience, but we do see progress.

Margrit is currently in need of more sponsors. Thank you for caring about her.

Please read more about Margrit's background and how she came to Mylestone, as well as Margrit's profile where you can support or sponsor her.













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