Some Lonely Hearts Need A Litttle Love

If you listen carefully, you can hear it as you walk past the paddocks, go through the barn. It's a deep, deep sigh. So filled with feeling you can almost hold it in your hands. But it would be so heavy, it would drop right to the barn floor. It's the sigh of a horse who doesn't have very many sponsors.

Oh, we try to explain ... we tell them that people get excited when new horses arrive and they want to help the newcomers by sponsoring them. But it doesn't hold much water for a horse who can count their sponsors on 4 hooves. They just hang their heads a little lower and distractedly nibble a piece of straw.

And it's not for attention, either, although there are some horses like that ... you know, the kind one might think of as a prima donna. No, these horses are just a little blue. It's a quiet little nicker, a lonely eye. "I'm fine," they say. They're not really the kind to complain.

Have you ever tried spending a lot of time with a horse who sighs so deeply you can hear it one farm over? Well, our hearts are breaking, but we know the answer -- we sure do. And the answer is you. We hope that you know a little what it's like to need a friend every now and then, to want to feel really special, or that you haven't been forgotten. That's all they ask ... is for a few sponsors.

Our lonely hearts are Adelaide, (top right),  Blaze, (upper left), Livy, (right), and Quincy, (below). Can you help out?

All you need to do is download our Sponsorship form and send it along with a check and a little love, or go to our donation page and sponsor through PayPal. Just say who it's for, and we'll let them know. THAT will make for some lighter hearts and happy nickering, indeed. And it will all be thanks to you.















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