Silas Happily Adopted to One of our Farriers

We are thrilled to report that Silas was adopted in February to one of our farriers, Jaye Meeker. He has kept her quite busy, and Jaye has updated us as follows:

Silas working with Jaye at his new home.

" When I started working for my dad as an apprentice farrier, we spent time at Mylestone. I immediately fell in love with a giant chestnut horse name Silas. I promised myself and him that I would take him home when I was able. Finally on February 27th, I was able to adopt Silas.

“We started out with light work, just about 15 to 20 minutes a day. Silas was more than willing, and gained his muscle fast. We were quickly moving forward towards longer lessons. We are now walking, trotting and cantering in both directions. We are also working on leg yields and where the letters are in the dressage ring.

“Silas is always hot and ready to show off. He loves going out to the field to play with his 2 buddies, Spuds and Rufus. He always canters away from the gate and ALWAYS comes in muddy.

"I'm ready - let's get going!"

“I believe more and more every day that I see him that he really enjoys his life. Thank you, Susankelly, for giving me the opportunity to adopt him. Thank you Mylestone volunteers for taking good care of him before I was able to.

“And thanks to everyone at the farm where Silas is now boarded for helping me and teaching me to be a better horse owner and rider."

- Jaye Meeker

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