Sundance Rescued by Mylestone

Mylestone received a call from a woman who was desperate for help. She has cancer and was going in for a bone marrow transplant. She had a wonderful gelding for 9 years whom she adored. When she became too sick to care for the horse, she gave him back to the people she bought him from 9 years ago. She recently called us in a panic because they told her several months after taking him that he was lame, and if she didn’t take her horse back they were sending him to the auction.

She told us she may not survive the transplant and couldn’t go into the hospital thinking her horse went to an auction. Our board quickly agreed to take her horse. Unfortunately Sundance did not arrive in the best condition.

He was not only lame up front from an abscess the people had dug out themselves, rather than get professional help, but he was sore in his stifles, and lame behind as well. Sundance is also about 100 pounds underweight, and his hind hooves hadn’t been trimmed in 5 months. He was nervous at first but has settled down. Sundance loves carrots and is friendly. He does crib, but it is more for attention. He is a very handsome 12 year-old liver chestnut gelding, about 16 hands. We are hoping he will come sound.

Sundance is a really lovely boy, and in great need of sponsors and donations. We hope we can count on your support. Please donate towards his care or sponsor Sundance. Thank you!














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