Pioneer Leaves Us for Greener Pastures

Sadly we must share with you we had to have Pioneer put down. Pie came to us with an old fractured hip and a tear in his deep digital flexor tendon about 6 years ago. Pie was in his early 20’s. He lived in a small area, and kept Shadow our blind pony company for many years.

Pie was very sweet but he had a naughty side. He seemed to know which volunteer he could intimidate, and he would knock over their wheelbarrows or drag shavings bags away from them. Pie loved to go for grass so we set up round pen panels we moved around the yard for him. He also loved attention, and he thoroughly enjoyed massages, being brushed and acupuncture treatments. Thanks to one of his his devoted sponsors, Tresa, Pie received joint injections that kept him comfortable for a long time.

Recently he started having trouble getting up and so we had to make the very difficult decision to put him down. While his spirit was young at heart, his poor body was not. We will really miss him. Thank you to all those who supported and loved Pioneer.











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