Dixie the Rescued Pony Joins Mylestone

Dixie is a sassy 13.2 hand paint pony. She was purchased at an auction several months ago and given to Mylestone. She is older, 20+ years old, has Cushing’s disease, and has foundered. We have kept Dixie off the farm until now due to lack of space. During that time, one of our board members was checking on her regularly for us.

We had the vet out to X-ray Dixie’s front hooves. We were shocked to see she had an old fractured coffin bone that jutted out. It actually distorted the way her hoof grew. Obtaining this new information determined that Dixie would not be able to be used for riding. She would be a companion only. She does walk with slight limp, but the vet feels she has been this way for a long time.

Dixie recently came to the farm and is settling in. She seems very sweet, and loves the attention from people. She squeals and acts silly around the other horses. Linus really liked her. We tried her out with Wyatt, but it wasn’t the right match; he ended up being afraid of her. Right now she is living over by our house in the area where Casey was, and Casey has joined the boys in the front field.

Dixie really likes her shed. She is next to Apache, Lucy and Patty. Apache took quite and interest in her, but she blew him off pretty quickly. Lucy and Patty are very intrigued with her, and will stand by the fence closest to Dixie’s shed. Dixie is slowly making friends with them, but it is on her terms.

We are hoping to use Dixie for brushing when the special needs student come to the farm. She loves to be brushed. She is less intimidating because she is so much smaller than many of the other horses, and some of the students have never worked around the horses.

As our newest arrival, Dixie really needs sponsors and/or donations, so please consider helping with her care.




















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