Goodbye, Linus, Dear Friend

We are devastated to share with you that we had to have Linus humanely euthanized. Since coming home from the equine hospital in October of last year, Linus has choked three times. This time the vet was unable to clear the blockage, and there seemed to be other complications. We felt it was time to make the dreaded decision to put him down. The vet made Linus comfortable so I could walk him around the farm to see all his friends. Linus was like one of my kids, but I knew in my heart he was ready to leave us, and we had to let him go. He left us very quickly and peacefully.

Linus has been with us for almost 16 years; not only was he Mylestone’s mascot, but he was a part of our family. My oldest son Samuel used to play with Linus as a toddler. He would lay down with his trucks in the dirt, and Linus would stand watch over him. Our home is filled with pictures of my boys with Linus over the years.

Linus came to us a horribly neglected and starved stallion, with 14 inch long hooves. The first trim of those hooves was 8 inches. The hooves have served as an incredible teaching tool to the many people who have heard Linus’ story. Linus was also known for his beautiful long blond mane. He even had a brief moment of fame, as I took Linus twice into New York City to be on television with me. He was also so good with the special needs students and new volunteers at the farm. Of course, he still had his moments when you would be walking him along and he would decide to roll right there. He had such a wonderful personality. He was so much fun and brought so much wonder and joy to people over the years.

Our barn is very quiet now, as Linus greeted many of the horses that came into the barn everyday. You couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm, especially when the mares went by. He liked several of the horses, and babysat Scout when he was only 4-5 months old because Scout was so sick when we got him. They had a special relationship all these years.

There will never be another Linus ... he is really what Mylestone is all about. We loved him and gave him a wonderful 16 years, and he loved us all back so much more. We never adopted Linus out because of his numerous health problems and the special care he required. But he had very devoted sponsors; LuAnn and Diane sponsored him for over 15 years. We are very grateful to all his supporters who loved him. We miss him terribly but Linus will always be a part of the farm, always with us. I think the best way to explain Linus is to say “despite being only 30 inches tall, Linus was a full sized horse in a pint size body.”

Goodbye, dear friend…….

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