Update on Casey and Bayou

We are very pleased with the progress of both Casey and Bayou. As Casey, (right), gained weight and filled out, we got a surprise; our little Casey was a stud colt, not a gelding. Casey never exhibited any studdish behavior, so we never questioned his paper work which stated he was a gelding. We made arrangements with our vet to have Casey gelded about two months ago. Early on, he had to be treated for ulcers after acting colicky. He is doing so well now. He loves attention and adores people. He is one of the friendliest horses we have ever had. He has been easy to work with and is coming along nicely. He does have an older injury to one his hocks. X-rays determined that it was soft tissue damage, but we don’t know if the injury will hinder his long term prognosis for being ridable. Our goal is to start training him this spring and see how he does. He is really a wonderful horse.

Bayou, (left), has just blossomed. He has gained over 100 lbs. and still has another 100 lbs. to go. We also treated Bayou for ulcers, and we saw a great improvement in his overall attitude. Bayou came to us extremely lame, and our vet was concerned we wouldn’t even be able to make him comfortable as a companion. In order to jog Bayou for the vet, we had to clap at him from behind as he didn’t want to move out at all. Thanks to some very generous donations we were able to have his hocks and stifles x-rayed and then injected with artificial joint fluid. The difference has been incredible in Bayou, and he easily picks up a trot now and jogs along. We are unsure at this time if Bayou will be ridable in the future, but we are just thrilled with his progress.

Bayou and Casey are best buddies. They are turned out with each other every day. They run, buck and play. It is really wonderful for us to see the amazing difference in both of them since being rescued! Take a look at Casey and Bayou when they first came to us and see the difference for yourself!

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