Join Us for Open House 2006!

Please check back in a few days for an update and photos of Open House 2006!!

Mark your calendar!
Mylestone’s 7th Annual
12 noon - 4 p.m.

Each year, we start working early at every task imaginable just for this one very special annual event - Open House. There’s plenty to do, because we want YOU to come and enjoy a perfect day at Mylestone!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet the rescued horses - our reason for existence - horses you read about in the newsletter, here on the web site and in the local papers. It’s also the perfect opportunity to meet the people who are always working quietly behind the scenes - the Mylestone volunteers. They will have cleaned and brushed the horses to look their best; the stalls, fields and entire grounds will be clean and dressed up; information about the horses will be prepared for you to read; a Silent Auction with attractive items, many of which are contributed by our kind donors, will be coordinated; tables for beautiful craft and equine items for sale set up; a fabulous bake sale that sells out every year will be organized - all thanks to our volunteers. And they’ll be available all day to answer your questions about Mylestone and the horses.

Please come to Open House and enjoy a great day at the farm seeing what love and good care can do for horses that were in desperate need, and please take a moment to thank a volunteer for making it all possible.













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