Bayou - Neglected in A Poor Economy

Bayou is a 10 year-old jet black TB gelding, who raced quite poorly earlier in his life. His owners who had him the last 5 years couldn’t afford to keep him and they sent him to NY where board was cheaper. It seems as though they didn’t pay his board, and he was starved there. The owners then contacted a handicapped riding program in central Jersey. They were unable to take him; however, his owners sent him to this program anyway. Bayou had to endure a very long trailer ride, and after seeing the condition he was in, the program director took him. This was mid-August.

The owners promised to pay for his expenses, but they did not. The handicapped riding program couldn’t afford a horse that could not be used for riding lessons, and contacted Mylestone for help. Until we could get him, he was being lightly ridden, in the hopes he could build up some muscle. However, when Bayou came here on October 22nd, he was both lame and needed to gain about 250 lbs.

Bayou has big brown eyes that are always searching for a meal. He is currently being fed 5 meals a day and almost a bale of hay a day. He is very weak behind; the vet does not feel he is neurological, but that the weakness is due to lameness. Hopefully, we’ll have the funds to get his stifles X-rayed and possibly injected with artificial joint fluid. Once we can make him more comfortable, we hope to be able to build up the muscles in his hind end by hand walking him up and down hills. Given that Bayou is only 10 years old, we really would like to give him a chance and hopefully find him a home.

Bayou has a kind nature, and currently doesn’t seem too interested in the other horses; so far his main concern is food. He is a nice horse that fell victim to the economy and really suffered for it. Please consider helping Bayou this Holiday Season and donate to his care or by sponsoring him.

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