Casey-Rescued from A Hoarder

A few days before Open House, the SPCA asked for our help with a large cruelty case in south Jersey involving horses from an animal hoarder. We were able to take one of the horses, a very cute 3 year-old named Casey. We were told he was a gelding but it looks as though he is a stud colt ... surprise! His growth is badly stunted from being so malnourished. He has the head of a horse and the body of a pony.

Casey is one of the sweetest horses we have come across. He loves people and thoroughly enjoys attention. Because he has so little training, we have been working on leading and on picking up his hooves. He is very easy going. The farrier does not think his hooves were ever trimmed before, so we lightly sedated Casey to get them trimmed. As a young horse, Casey has to learn how to balance himself while standing on three legs which will come with work. He is very agreeable, and we are hoping he will be sound for riding.

We were fortunate enough to get the donations to cover his castration which will be done in early December. He does not seem to know he is a stallion. Some of the mares on the farm know, but thankfully, he does not!

He whinnies to everyone and is a very happy go lucky little horse. Please donate towards Casey’s continued care or become a monthly sponsor ... we’re sure he’ll whinny you a big thank you!

You can see additional photos of Casey on his profile page as well as sponsor him there or donate to his care.

UPDATE: Casey was castrated in December.














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