In Mourning for Margrit

I needed time before I could write about Margrit. We are all devastated by her loss. She was such an amazing spirit, and when you look back at all the suffering she endured over her lifetime, it is hard not to repulsed. Yet she survived through it all to eventually be rescued in her late 20’s. She has spent the last 4 years with Mylestone. Sadly, Margrit developed colic on Friday 10/15 late morning and would not eat. I gave her a shot of Banamine and called the vet. The vet came and we started to treat her. Then we sent a gastro tube down her nose into her stomach to give her mineral oil and other medications in hopes of breaking up what we thought was gas colic. The vet had to come back later that evening because Margrit seemed to get worse. Upon examination it was determined that she had a blockage, but it did not feel like a normal manure impaction. We took her for many walks in hopes of moving the blockage along.

Given Margrit’s old age, 31 years old, surgery was not an option. However, our vets have trained me to be a vet tech, so I was able to provide her extra medical care at the farm. She was started on IV fluids around the clock. The vet came 3 more times over the next 48 hours, and Margrit was still not passing any manure. I had been up checking on her most of the night and called the vet very early Sunday morning to tell her Margrit was getting worse. Despite being uncomfortable, Margrit still wanted to go out to her field. After most of her life spent tied to a tree, she loved being free. As dawn was breaking, I walked Margrit out to her field so she could wander around. We waited together for the vet to come. The light of dawn glistened on the frost in her field. I think more than anything Margrit valued her freedom. I wept with my arms wrapped around her neck. Margrit and I had very special bond. She has shown me so much trust and her story touched so many people’s lives.

Margrit came to us so scared and has overcome so much. She was truly an amazing horse. I am so thankful we were able to give her such a wonderful retirement. Margrit died peacefully and I honestly believe Margrit will always be here with us in spirit. She was so happy here, especially free out in her field.

Susankelly Thompson

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