Update on Linus

Linus returned from Mid-Atlantic in the back of our SUV, but this time he was a bit more rambunctious. It took three tries before they were able to resolve his blockage in his throat. Read the full story. After a few days of recovery Linus came home. Our biggest concern with Linus was that he would not eat. They were unable to force feed him at Mid-Atlantic, so we brought him home and Bruce and I began the task of re-feeding him. We had to make his food into a liquid mash and then syringe the food into his mouth. His throat was very irritated, so he didn’t want to eat.

Linus is less than thrilled with his grazing muzzle, but is managing to whinny to the girls and remind the geldings who's in charge in spite of it.

Linus also has to wear a muzzle when turned outside now. He hates it but it stops him from gobbling up leaves which could cause him to choke again. We were making slow progress over the next few days of feeding him. We were concerned Linus was not eating enough because he was trying to munch on his bedding in his stall, which was not a good thing. We decided to go back to feeding him what he had eaten before he choked, and thankfully that worked. Linus started to eat on his own.

Linus was a bit out of sorts at Open House having to wear his grazing muzzle, but he found some respite in the warm lap of volunteer Barbara Petercsak, and fell sound asleep. Barbara is also a pediatric nurse and has been devoted to caring for Linus.

He is doing very well now. Linus is so happy to be back with all the horses. He really missed his friends and we are so thankful to have Linus home again. He is so full of life and such a character!

As you can imagine, this was a major medical expense we had not anticipated. We have a far way to go yet in paying his veterinary expenses, and really appreciate any contributions you can make towards Linus’ vet bills. If you have donated already, thank you!

To Help Linus by Mail: Please print out our donation form, fill it out, making note your donation is for Linus, and send it along with your check to:

Mylestone Equine Rescue
227 Still Valley Rd.,
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

To Help Linus by Donating Online: Please proceed to PayPal and complete all information and send to Mylestone.














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