Margrit - The Mare Whose Life Stood Still

I canít help but wonder what it must have been like to live for years tied to a tree, barely able to move around ... food and water not consistently provided and to have to stand and endure all sorts of weather. With only the leaves from the tree to provide shade from the hot sun, and in the winter a fuzzy coat that barely covered your bones to keep you warm.

This was Margritís life, a life no animal should have lived. She was used as a brood mare and had her babies tied to the tree as well. Not far from her when she was rescued was her two year old filly, tethered to a different tree. The filly had no muscle tone, was as thin as Margrit and all she knew of life was being tied to a tree. She didnít know how to walk around or lead.

This was where Margrit lived endless
days and nights - alone and surrounded by refuse.
Her filly, below, was tied to another tree.

Mylestone was told about these two back in February when a kind woman stepped in and rescued Margrit and the filly. The older mare was not yet well enough to travel to us, but one of the women was going to keep the filly. We sent donations to help with Margritís care. The vet said she was in her late 20ís and it was determined she was also in foal. The vets did not expect her to survive carrying a foal full term. Within a few weeks she lost the foal. This was a blessing because her body was so ravaged she could not have survived carrying it much longer. Margrit was never trained to be ridden. She was only used as a brood mare which would make her difficult to place in a home. The people who rescued her didnít have the ability to keep her so we made arrangements to have her shipped to us.

As Margrit still needs to gain over 200 lbs., she is expensive to feed and rehab. Often this becomes an issue with rehabbing an older horse, something that people donít realize is the long term cost it becomes. We are grateful to the people that took her in when they found out about her. We are hoping once Margrit is out of quarantine she can go out with some of our other older horses. Margrit is named in honor of Margrit McCrane who has generously donated the funds for our pick up truck and most recently a new tractor.

When she settles into her routine and life here with us, we hope her years of neglect and abuse will become distant memories. May she know that she will never be tied to a tree again.We hope that you will find the kindness in your heart to help support this mare who knew only loneliness by sponsoring her or making a donation towards her rehabilitation and care.

You can also read more here about Margrit and help provide for her care.

8/22/06 - Great News! Margrit is out of quarantine and joining other horses in the paddock for the first time!
10/03/06 - Margrit is on the road to recovery - read about her progress.













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