Clyde Leaves Us for Greener Pastures

Clyde was in a kill pen at a local auction when we rescued him. He was rumored to be nasty and dangerous, but Susankelly and Mylestone's friend and helper, Colleen McDonald, thought otherwise.

He was a tortured soul when he arrived, afraid to leave his shed. He was so broken down, a deep swayback from a heavy saddle. Who knows how many people rode him over his life time. His face showed the signs of a hard life.

Once here at the farm, his life changed. Slowly over time and with lots of nurturing from a wonderful QH broodmare, Josie, Clyde came out of his shell. He learned how to be a real horse. He would trot around the paddock with Josie and they would graze side by side. He had found a friend he was very attached to. They lived outside, and Clyde adjusted to his new routine. Often eating from the same grain bowl and hay pile, Josie and Clyde shared everything. His story touched so many lives.

This spring Clyde wasn’t as bright as he had been. Blood work revealed he was anemic. We started him on a supplement, but the anemia became worse and his blood work was poor. Clyde was probably close to 30 years old. He wasn’t eating as well as he did, and we started to see a change in Josie. She seemed very concerned about Clyde. His hind end showed signs of weakness and his legs started buckling underneath him. His decline was fairly rapid.

We had no choice, and Clyde was humanely put down with Josie near him. He left us quickly and peacefully. Josie nuzzled his face goodbye. We will miss him, and Josie misses him too. As we walked away from him, we told Josie what a wonderful job she did of taking care of Clyde. And thanked her….

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