Duncan, Neglected, Abandoned in Woods

Duncan and his small friend Emma were found in a paddock in the woods. Abandoned and neglected, they had no food or shelter and only a filthy pond for water. It is not known how long they were living like this. Hunters would pass through occasionally and give them corn.

The two horses' plight came to the attention of a family that offered to take them, apparently hoping that they would be rescued or placed quickly as they were unable to care for them long term. Both horses had been severely neglected - Duncan was 250 pounds underweight and Emma had foundered - and the family was not able to properly care for them. Mylestone became involved, as did Mylestone's vet, Dr. Christina Watson, and farrier, Gil Meeker. With proper X-rays, Gil was able to begin working on 6 year old Emma and trimming her curled hooves. With the invaluable help of both Dr. Watson and Gil, Duncan and Emma began the long road to recovery.

After six+ weeks of living in adjoining stalls and being hand-walked, Duncan and Emma were ready to move on to their new homes. The morning of May 12th saw 2 trailers arrive, one for each horse. Emma was found a home at Popcorn Park in Forked River through the coordination of our graphic artist, Jeanne Balsam, who provides her design services to AHS/Popcorn Park as well. Emma, due to her foundering, needs a setting without pasture, and will fit in perfectly in the Pinelands with a handicapped Appaloosa who recently lost his pint-sized best friend.

Duncan is about 20 years old, 15 hands high and a Tennessee Walker/Saddlebred cross. He was loaded and trailered to the farm with the help of Mylestone's good friend and shipper, Colleen McDonald. He, like Emma, will require a good amount of rehabilitation due to parasites, lice, starvation and lack of farrier care.

When brought into his paddock, Duncan immediately began hungrily eating whatever grass and hay he could find. With Susankelly's approach, halter in hand, he picked up speed and trotted around the paddock. Despite his poor condition, he is a lovely mover with a beautiful carriage, and it was clear how happy he was to be turned out.

Mylestone is very thankful to several supporters who made it possible to take Duncan in. Below is a photo of Duncan after he put on all his weight - healthy and a magnificent mover! His photo was taken by Jen Wenzel, our calendar photographer.














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