MER and SPCA Work on Cruelty Cases - Part 1

In early December of 2009, I was contacted for help by Agent Phil Amato from the NJ State SPCA. The owner of a hack stable in Warren County had pleaded guilty to cruelty and had to place many of his horses. Dr. Christina Watson and I went in freezing rain to evaluate the horses and draw coggins tests so they could be transported. The SPCA was not able to take in the horses, and relied on the help from Mylestone in placing them. We wanted to make sure that the horses would not end up back at an auction where many of them had originally come from.

Meet Red Ruby ... she is coming along nicely with her trust issues and has recently started back in training.

Once the process of placing the horses began, Agent Amato and I spent hours and hours over the next 30 days ensuring the horses would be placed in the most suitable homes. One of the horses, deemed extremely dangerous by the barn staff, was going to be a challenge to place. I contacted natural horsemanship trainer, Joe Williams from Gillette, and asked if he would evaluate the horse. He went out and worked with the gelding and within an hour saw great progress. This gelding was later placed in PA with another natural horsemanship trainer instead of facing euthanasia.

A couple of people who had known the horses expressed interest in wanting to adopt them. One of the other geldings was not in good shape, and was fortunate in going to a very devoted home close by. Another gelding succumbed to colic and had to be put down. A crippled mare ended up finding a wonderful home through Colleen, a friend of Mylestone’s. The mare is now treated like a queen in her new home with Jo Ann.

Mylestone assisted Phil in placing two of the other horses. One younger mare's home fell through and she was left without a place to go. Mylestone stepped in and took Red Ruby; she is currently being boarded in PA in our foster home. She is very timid, but is coming around slowly. In time, we hope to have her adopted out .

This was truly a heroic effort with wonderful results thanks to everyone involved.

Note: We are not adding Red Ruby to the horses available for sponsorship at this time, as we are hoping to find her a new home. However, your helping out in the expenses of her care would be greatly appreciated, so please donate today and help our lovely and lucky Red Ruby. If interested in adopting Red Ruby, please contact us.

Read about the Hero to Animals Award given to MER President and Founder, Susankelly Thompson, by the Animal Welfare Federation of New Jersey.














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