Sunny Is Deeply Missed

There's a little less sunshine in the world today ... sadly, our Sunny had to leave us. He was a bright eyed bit of sunshine who loved life.

Sunny came to us after being rescued in PA; he was thin and had Cushing's disease that wasn't managed well. He had severe arthritis in his neck and knees, but got around fairly well until the last few months. At that point, we started to see a steady decline. He had a harder time with his knees, and despite increasing his bute medication, he wasn't getting the relief he had in the past. Then he stopped eating all his meals, and in the past few days, he stopped whinnying to all of us. He was ready to leave.

We put him down humanely, and Sunny died very peacefully. His best friend Ethan got to say "goodbye".

We will miss Sunny's constant nickering and his gentle ways. Because of this, he was the first horse for several of the volunteers to brush, and he was a beloved participant in our brushing program with the special needs students as well. Sunny was a sweet old soul, and will be missed by many.

You can read Sunny's full story when he arrived at Mylestone here.














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