Margrit Needs Your Help

Nothing is ever dull at Mylestone, and on Wednesday, March 3, Margrit ended up being very sick. We believe she has 2 abscessed teeth. She has a very foul, smelly odor coming from her right nostril with green mucus, plus she has a fever. Dr. Watson came out to evaluate her and X-rayed her.

The problem is that this kind of infection can become very serious very quickly. Normally, Dr. Watson would have sent Margrit to an equine hospital, but unfortunately, that is not an option financially for the rescue, so we are proceeding with intensive, on-site care. We started Margrit on antibiotics, and then, after consulting with a couple of other vets, Dr. Watson came back on Thursday. She drilled a small hole into Margrit's sinus cavity, which has to be flushed twice a day for the next week by Susankelly. Margrit has a tube coming out of her head and up the front of her face. We are trying to flush the infection out. We are also working on getting the dentist and vet back out here together next week to have 2 teeth pulled once the sinus infection has improved.

This is quite an ordeal for a girl who has already gone through so much in her life. In addition, Margrit is going to have very expensive vet bills. We are hoping you may find it in your heart to help Margrit; any donations towards her care would be helpful and more than appreciated. If you wish to donate by mail or by PayPal, just mention that your contribution is for Margrit, and thank you. We will keep you posted on her progress on the web site.

Update 3/10: Bill Schultze and Brian Shaw, our equine dentists, met Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski at the farm to evaluate Margrit. They were able to determine that there was a tooth fragment which was loose and another molar which was only held on by tissue. They removed both teeth. There was not a clear line of infection to Margrit's sinus cavity on the X-rays. They are thinking that the infection may have traveled along her gum line, causing a sinus infection. Margrit was sedated and was very good about the procedure.

When they were finished, I flushed her sinus cavity. The drain will remain in place for several more days. I will continue to flush her twice a day until it can be removed, and she will stay on antibiotics for quite a while. Dr. Watson is coming on Friday to check on Margrit. We are hoping these teeth were the cause of the infection and that Margrit is now on the mend. We are very grateful to Bill and Brian who donated their services to help Margrit, as well as for the support of Dr. Hamorski and Dr. Watson, who has been in contact with me daily while on vacation. We will keep you updated on Margrit's progress.

Update 3/19: Margrit hit a bump in the road after having 2 teeth removed that had caused the infection in her sinus cavity when she suddenly stopped eating. We were very concerned, and the vet determined she had developed ulcers. We began treating her and changed her antibiotics to shots rather than pills which she had to eat. We started her on ulcer medication, and she improved after the third day and started eating again.
Dr. Watson had hoped to take the nasal tube out on Wednesday, 3/17, but after we flushed it, she felt there was more colored mucus than she would like to have seen. We have kept the tube in for three more days with the hopes of removing it Friday the 19th. Margrit continues to be an amazing patient through this ordeal.

Update 5/1: It is hard to know what the outcome with Margrit will be, but we are trying the best we can to clear out the infection she is fighting. Currently, she has the nasal tube back in, and despite rounds and rounds of meds, the odor of infection remains. In the past 2 weeks the smell had changed. So we re- X-rayed her head to find out that she has more infected teeth, and her sinus cavity has a large amount of thick pus. We don't know how she is managing with this ongoing onslaught to her system, but she is fighting back for sure, and remains in good spirits throughout it all.
The surgeon suggested the dentist return and remove the infected teeth with the hopes that that will make a difference. If it doesn't, then we are left with the very invasive surgery which requires they saw a flap of bone out of the side of her face. There is also a good chance the flap would have to be re-opened several times to clear out the infection, and it may not work. With Margrit being 31 years old, we don’t feel it is fair to put her through such an extreme surgery. Sinus infections in horses can be are very hard to cure. So for now, we just take it day by day. Dr. Watson is working on coordinating a time for the dentist to come out. Meanwhile, Margrit is eating and she seems happy. She really has come such a far way from when she first arrived, and we hope she has many good years in her yet.

Update 6/4: Finally after three long months of treatment good news on Margrit. Her X-ray was clear and it looks like the sinus infection has cleared up. What a blessing! Thank you to everyone who donated towards her medical care. She is an amazing horse!














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