Lizzy Making Great Strides

Lizzy has made great strides in recovery with us. We have now trimmed her hooves several times and continue to take X-rays after every two trims to see what progress we are making. (Check out Lizzy's condition when she arrived.) She has shed out beautifully and filled out. She is a feisty pony with lots of personality and charm. She adores Patty and Lucy though she now likes to boss them around. Lizzy loves to be brushed and will frequently take a nap after being brushed because she becomes so relaxed.

Take a look at the photos below - at left, Lizzy was photographed in mid-May; at right, she was photographed again July 29 - what terrific progress!

Gil Meeker out farrier and Dr. Katrina Alger one of our vets continue to work together on getting Lizzy’s hooves in the best possible condition. This will take time but they have made a lot of progress with her. Lizzy is not for adoption at this time as we continue her recovery. Considering the damage that was done to her hooves and coffin bone, it is truly a miracle Lizzy is able to walk around.

Please help Lizzy and donate to her ongoing care. Lizzy would also love some sponsors! Read more about her and sponsor Lizzy here.













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