Mylestone Merchandise Now Online!

Over the years, we have been selling Mylestone merchandise at all of our events.  Many of you have asked about buying online.  Now you can do just that!!!  You can now purchase Mylestone merchandise through our online store at CafePress.

There are some really great products such as mousepads, travel mugs, coasters and t-shirts that all proudly display Mylestone's logo. And this is just the beginning of what we'll be offering! What you see in our online store may be different than what we sell at events; however, we'll be adding new products to our store as time goes on, so please check back often.

When visiting Mylestone's online store please use this link and bookmark the site. Using this link will bring you directly to our store and our preferred customer - you! - prices.  Should you simply search for Mylestone on CafePress, you will see different, (higher), prices that are set by CafePress for the general marketplace.  So please use this link for the best deals on Mylestone merchandise.

Happy shopping and thank you, once again, for supporting Mylestone Equine Rescue!














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