Dentist Day for the Horses!

Bill Schultze with Gem

Equine dentist Bill Schultze with Gem

Not long ago, the horses had Dentist Day on the farm. Bill Schultze, long-time horse dentist for Mylestone, was joined by fellow dentists Brian Shaw and Jim Edwards to spend the day at our farm to get all the rescue horses up to date on their check ups. Horses don't get cavities but that doesn't mean they don't need to see a dentist. Horses can develop sharp points on their back molars making it difficult, if not painful, to properly grind their food. The dentist uses special tools to properly float and file down these points.

Jim Edwards with Wyatt

Some of the rescue horses we’ve taken in have never even seen a dentist before. Many of the horses we have require additional dental care because their teeth were never properly cared for, such as Margrit, Lucy, and Wyatt, to name a few. As the horses age they are prone to lose teeth which need to be pulled. Bill, Brian, and Jim spent the day getting 30+ horses done. Our wonderful vet Christina was kind enough to give up her day off and spend it at the farm sedating the horses that needed extra work or who were less than agreeable about the whole situation like Doodle, Cleo, and Madeline.

Brian Shaw with Dakota

The dentists started at 9 am and ended at 5 pm. Bill has been coming several times a years doing a few horses each visit. This made the whole process much easier now that all the horses were done at the same time. The average fee for the dentist is $100+ to do each horse and with over 30 horses getting done this is very costly. By the dentists donating their time to help the horses, they saved Mylestone thousands of dollars. We are so extremely grateful to Bill, Brian, and Jim.














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