Clyde Is Welcomed by Mylestone

Clyde was an old lesson horse that came from a stable in Connecticut. He is a Tennessee Walker - black with a huge swayback from years of being ridden and carrying a large western saddle. His face and parts of his body are gray from years of a hard life. He was sold to a dealer who then took him to the auction, where he was a few days away from a trip to the slaughter house. He had the saddest old face which inspired a friend of Mylestone's to let us know of his desperate situation.

Clyde's face wears the burden of a hard life and one that seems to have been filled with sadness.

We were told he was nasty and dangerous, so we decided to pull him from the kill pen and put him down humanely if he was truly that bad. It turned out that he was with his friend, another gelding from the same stable. We couldn’t take two horses. Of course we were happy to have saved Clyde, but were upset about leaving his friend in the kill pen. We decided to take a chance and contact another rescue that deals with Thoroughbreds, in hopes they would pull the second horse from the kill pen. We hoped that once they saw him they wouldn’t be able to leave him behind. The Thoroughbred rescue bought him in time, and we were thankful to have saved two lives!

We soon found that Clyde is not nasty, just a bit grumpy and skittish. We think he was probably never turned out, but kept tacked and tied unless ridden. So when he arrived, the very thin Clyde stood in his shed and would not come out, not even to eat. We brought food and water to his shed four times a day. We spoke to the rescue that took Clyde’s friend and they reported the same behavior from the horse they rescued.

Clyde when he arrived, the sticker from the kill pen still on his rump.

Clyde struggled to adjust, and we really wanted him to be happy here, but it was clearly not easy for him. Once he was out of quarantine, we started turning him out for short intervals. He ran the fence line at first, to the point of being sweaty. We continued to turn him out hoping he would soon realize that this was his new routine.

Things began to change when Clyde was befriended by Josie, a lovely jet-black Quarter Horse mare, another new rescue at Mylestone. Her kindness and patience have helped bring him around. Clyde now knows his daily routine and happily goes out into the paddock with Josie.

He has come a long way in a short period of time, but still paces at the fence a bit. He ventures out of his shed more, and walks over to his hay tub to eat. He whinnies for, and eagerly accepts, treats. The site of Clyde coming out of his shed one morning and standing at his gate waiting to be turned out was a huge victory that fuels the hope that keeps us going.

We hope that Clyde finally feels safe and loved. He did not deserve to die a horrible death at a slaughter plant; he is truly one of the lucky ones, saved in the nick of time. Your support will help assure Clyde that his life is secure and his care ongoing. Please help support him by sponsoring Clyde or donating towards his care. You can also read more about Clyde on his sponsorship page.














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