Help Smokey & Wyatt - Emergency Rescues

Imagine starving and watching other horses being fed knowing you won't get food. Wyatt and Smokey suffered this fate. Wyatt, despite being so weak, tried in vain to get morsels of food only to have hunks of flesh torn from his side by the other horses. Wyatt is covered with bites and actual teeth marks deep in his skin.

Both these sweet boys were not far from death when we took them in. Their owners were not feeding them because they could not earn their keep for lessons and pony parties. Look at Wyatt, (see photo at right), literally skin and bones, yet he was being ridden. They spent money to put shoes on him but not to make sure he got fed.

Poor Smokey, he is an old-timer and he knew better than to try to get the food. He is really thinner than Wyatt but has a thicker coat about an inch long of hair covering his bones. He has lost over one third of his body weight.

Smokey shortly after he arrived at Mylestone

When I fed them their first meal I had to bring them over to the food because they weren't used to eating. It wasn't until their fourth meal later that night they realized that they would no longer starve, that the meals would keep coming. They whinny to me now with a hint of sparkle in their eyes when they see the soft mash being dumped into their buckets. They anticipate the meals coming and Smokey will drool.

We are hopeful they can pull through. Wyatt is a 20-ish Thoroughbred gelding about 16 hands and Smokey is a 14 hand pony. Both have 280-300lbs to gain. Smokey is very old and can't eat hay. He will need constant mash in 8 meals a day for a very long time. Wyatt is able to eat some hay but will also need mash for now in many meals. They have a very long road of recovery ahead of them. We are asking you to please be a part of their recovery. I can't imagine the suffering they must have endured but now they have hope. Please be apart of that hope and donate towards their care today! Thank you.

To see additonal photos of Smokey and Wyatt, please visit them in our Before and After section.

Smokey passed away in February 2007, a year and a half after his arrival at Mylestone. He was over 30 years old, and was humanely euthanized due to suffering from what appeared to be a brain tumor. This has left his best friend Wyatt alone, and more than ever, we hope you will take him into your heart and sponsor Wyatt.













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