Sugar came to the farm mid-October with her mom, Cinnamon. They had been through several auctions and Cinnamon was purchased at the last one. The woman that purchased her didnít realize that she was attached to her daughter, Sugar. Cinnamon was extremely distraught being separated from her. Sugar tried to climb out of the pen she was in at the auction.

The woman who was caring for Cinnamon was so concerned about Cinnamonís wellbeing that she went back to the auction and bought her daughter. Once united, the two little miniís were fine, but unfortunately the woman that bought Cinnamon did not also want Sugar. That is when Mylestone stepped in and offered to take both of them so they could stay together.

They were treated roughly in their past and donít quite trust people. They react as though they have been hit before. Cinnamon is friendlier than Sugar but they are both very happy to see us at feeding times. Sugar, a grey miniature horse ,is about 8, and her mom, Cinnamon, is a little paint, about 12 years old. We look forward to working with them.

August 2017 Update: We are thrilled to report that Sugar and Cinnamon have found their happy forever home together! Read about their great news.

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