Danny Boy

We welcomed Danny Boy, a very cute pony, in early February 2016. His owner had adopted horses from Mylestone over 15 years ago, and had taken in many more horses in need over the years. She passed away suddenly and her family needed help with placing her horses. She had wonderful friends -- Audrey, Laurie, Danielle and others -- devoted to helping with finding new homes for 14 of her horses.

I knew Danny Boy from over 24 years ago; he had been purchased when a barn was closing where he was a lesson pony. He was blind in one eye, but got around fine. Then 30+ years old, he would live out his remaining days with us here at Mylestone. We hoped he would participate in our grooming program with the special needs kids as he enjoyed attention and was very friendly.

Danny was initially going out with Daniel, another older pony who had very limited vision. Danny came in the barn at night and was across from the feed room. He always looked forward to a meal coming his way. Since he was older, we had him on a senior feed and a hay pelleted feed which we soaked with water to make into an easy mash to eat, which he relished.

Danny had had many years of excellent care, and we continued that care here at the farm. This sweet senior boy had all he needed and lived a wonderful life with us. He developed cancer shortly after his arrival at Mylestone, which we were able to manage successfully. When it had begun to metastasize and became aggressive, we had to humanely euthanize Danny at the wonderful age of 34+ years old. He will be dearly missed.

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