Christmas morning 2014 Mylestone received quite a present - Oliver! It was quite a present for him, too. Oliver was then a 27+ year old gelding who was abandoned after his owner had financial difficulties. A neighbor cared for Oliver and reached out to social media for help; many others reached out to us as well. We were happy to help this older horse in need.

He arrived very thin, (see above), needing to gain over 200 lbs. We started feeding him 8 small meals a day, slowly increasing his food. The vet came out to evaluate him and we ran blood work. Because Oliverís blanket didnít fit him properly, he developed rubs on his shoulders, so we purchased a new water proof blanket and rain sheet for him that wonít irritate the rubbed areas.

Oliver, early March 2015, having gained 165 pounds so far.

Oliver settled right in on the farm as if he'd always been here, content, sleeping well, and happy to have other horses around. He'd worked as a therapeutic riding horse for many years and had many homes, so we decided that Mylestone would be his permanent residence.

Since he arrived on Christmas morning, Oliver quickly put on much needed weight. He continued to be fed 8 meals a day throughout the day and night. The vet was very pleased with his progress, as were we; Oliver was such a bright and sweet old guy.

Oliver, enjoying the snow and his new and happy life.

In May 2017 Oliver began to change. He had a brain tumor from the Cushing's disease and was losing his eyesight, causing him to become more food aggressive. He began to lunge at volunteers and visiting children. He became increasingly agitated, finding it difficult to differentiate between people and horses, and this behavior developed further even when no one was around, pinning his ears, biting his shed or the bars of his pen. The vet advised that this would only progress as his sight continued to diminish and the tumor grew. We had no choice but to make the kindest one, and put him down. He left us 300 pounds heavier than when he arrived, and dearly loved to the end.

Oliver, filled out beautifully and looked so handsome.

Story and more photos of Oliver when he first arrived.

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