Misty was a young, small pony taken in by Mylestone in March 2014. She was one of three minis who had been kept at the local Hunterdon County shelter. Due to a court case, all the livestock needed to be moved out, and that included a little family of three minis, Misty, her 7 month-old colt, and the colt's gelded father. Unfortunately, they were given a deadline to be moved out by the end of the week.

A prospective home for the threesome had been lined up and fell through. Where would they go? Susankelly reached out and went to evaluate them with Mylestone's vet, Dr. MaryBeth Hamorski in early March. Dr. Hamorksi generously offered to take the father and the colt, leaving Misty to be placed. Misty had foundered in the past due to improper care, and would need special care because of it. Although Mylestone didn't really have the room for another horse, her pressing need for proper hoof care and her sweet disposition convinced us to find a spot.

Dr. Hamorski's X-rays revealed that Misty did not have serious complications from her founder and laminitic episodes. Our farrier was able to trim more of Misty’s hooves and she was doing better. Having been kept in a stall for so many weeks with no availability of outdoor exercise, Misty was beyond excited to be turned out and have the freedom to stretch her legs and run around.

Misty was a very friendly girl who enjoyed lots of human interaction and attention and got along easily with the other horses as well. Although we wanted very much to help Misty, we were concerned about whether or not we could take in one more horse, especially having lost a number of sponsors over the last year. But we felt she really needed us and the care we could provide and accepted her into the Mylestone fold.

Over the past 5 years, Misty had intermittent bouts of founder, but it was this April, in 2019, that things got significantly worse. All our efforts to make her comfortable were no longer helping her, and then she foundered behind. We could not allow her to continue in pain, and sadly, humanely euthanized her. We will miss her feisty spirit immensely, but are grateful we could spare her any further suffering. Thank you for being a part of Misty's life.

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