Scarlett is a miniature horse, and was about 6 years old when she was rescued in 2013. She had been through the auction twice before she was taken in by another equine rescue. Nothing else about her past is known.

When first rescued, it was discovered that she had fractured teeth that caused horrible sores in her mouth. As a result, she packs her cheeks like a chipmunk with food to protect her cheeks. The horse rescue raised the funds to have the surgery and moved Scarlett to the same place another horse, Paco, was being quarantined. They were turned out together and soon became very attached to one another.

As the two had become inseparable, Scarlett’s ownership was transferred to Mylestone when we took Paco in after his quarantine was done in October, 2013. Scarlett is very sweet with an endearing personality, and of course, she was very attached to Paco. She is a bit of a chow hound, too, so we had to keep an eye on her that she didn't eat her own and Paco's food, especially as we were trying to put weight on him. She's also quite patient as we have to clean out her "chipmunk cheeks" on a regular basis.

After Paco’s unfortunate passing due to neurological illness, Scarlett attached herself to Daniel, (see above). Daniel is almost blind and followed Scarlett around. Scarlett is a bit on the bossy side and directed Daniel where to go, and she didn’t like to share her food, so we separated Daniel to feed him. Recently, we added Misty out with Scarlett and Daniel. Misty and Scarlett liked to play, though Misty became the boss, and Scarlett protected Daniel if Misty tried to pick on him.

Happily, Scarlett was adopted in May 2016 to a home where she is a companion to another mare and a gelding. We are very pleased for Scarlett! Read more on Scarlett's adoption.

Read more about Scarlett and Paco.

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