The Big Kahuna, known to us as simply Kahuna, is a 16 hand Belgian gelding who came into Mylestone's care in June 2012. (See Kahuna when he first arrived.) His age is unknown ... he has been deemed to be "ancient." As a result of his owner falling on hard times, Kahuna's care suffered quite a bit. He needed to gain between 250 and 350 pounds; his hooves were in a terrible state of neglect as were his teeth.

He was not getting a consistent diet at his last location, was fed whatever grain they had, whether it was appropriate for a senior horse or not. He had been suffering for quite some time and was in desperate need of both dental and farrier work.

Kahuna first came to a nearby foster farm where he was quarantined, and soon came to be adored by Laurel, his foster mom. He likes being brushed and Laurel works with him on his ground manners. Just 3 months later, Kahuna is doing much better. He is recovering slowly from being very ill with Potomac Horse Fever. He has gained 100 pounds so far, and is fed many meals a day as he has no teeth. He goes out with a small pony named Susie and has settled in nicely, knowing he is finally getting the love and care he deserves and need.

And now, the best possible news ever - Kahuna has been adopted! His foster mom, Laurel, is just in love with him and has adopted the handsome senior gentleman. Details and more photos here.

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